Podcast Archives Data Center Insiders

Podcast Archives Data Center Insiders

Data Center Insiders Podcast with Chad Sakac

Podcast Archives Data Center Insiders – In this episode of the Data Center Insiders podcast I speak with the one and only Virtual Geek, Chad Sakac. As always I enjoy my conversations with Chad and his excellent knowledge of technology and the IT industry on the whole.

We cover a wide range of topics including:

  • Life after creating the vSpecialist organization: Chad talks about his new role as EMC’s Senior Vice President of the Global SEs, and the challenges in scaling the concept of a “Tribe”. idn live
  • Software Defined x: Chad runs through his take on the current state of play around the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC), and the various aspects and considerations for some of the software defined components/devices.
  • Lab time excellent! I find out what Chad is running in his famous home lab these days
  • And finally, will we see any more Chad’s Worlds webcasts or live events?

Social Media in IT & EMC’ with Matthew Brender
In this episode of the Data Center Insiders podcast I am joined by EMC Senior Social Engagement Manager, Matthew Brender. In the podcast we cover the topics of what Matthew’s role entails, EMC Elect, what does “Social Engagement” mean and finally what is the best approach to ensure success, acceptance, and importantly, how companies should look at adding value in the world of social media. slot88

With social media playing an important part in the support, marketing and services areas of global industry, with IT being no exception, there is an increasing emphasis these days for businesses to embrace social media, to take part and use it as a means to effectively engage with new and existing customers. I found my discussion with Matthew provided real insight into some of the social media and customer engagement challenges facing IT vendors.

EMC VMAX Cloud Edition’ with Matthew Yeager
In this episode of the Data Center Insiders podcast I speak with Matthew Yeager, EMC VMAX Cloud Edition Team Lead (EMEA), about the recent EMC VMAX Cloud Edition storage offering. We discuss what the VMAX Cloud Edition is, it’s high level functionality, how it differs from the standard EMC VMAX, it’s use cases and where the VMAX Cloud Edition is positioned in the market.

This is an exciting new product in the EMC portfolio that is responding to the storage offerings from Public Storage Cloud providers, and to also provide customers with a simpler method to administrator and present out their storage.
*Note: This podcast was recorded just prior to EMC World this year (2013), and I ran out of time to edit and post it beforehand, so there are a couple of references to the show coming up.

The State of Backup Technology’ with Mark Twomey
In this episode of the Data Center Insiders podcast, Brian & Simon are joined by Mark Twomey (EMC Office of the CTO, Backup & Recovery) to discuss the current state of Backups in relation to the mass of data now produced, Virtualization & Cloud Computing.

‘VCE’ with Jeramiah Dooley
In this episode of the Data Center Insiders podcast, Brian and Simon are joined by Jeramiah Dooley (VCE Office of the CTO) to discuss things Vblock, VCE and Converged Infrastructure. Want to find out more with what and where VCE are doing in the industry at present? Then this is the episode for you.

‘OpenStack’ with Scott Lowe
In this episode of the Data Center Insiders podcast, Brian and I are joined by Scott Lowe (EMC Technologist, author and blogger), where we talk about the OpenStack Cloud and associated projects and Scott’s involvement with it.

IT Transformational Challenges & the Software Defined Data Center’ with Chuck Hollis
We are proud to announce our first, of many, podcasts! A new podcast episode will be recorded and released weekly where we will invite on various guests from within EMC and partners to discuss various aspects of the IT industry, technologies and products which are contributing towards the transformation of IT, both today and in the future. It is our intention to keep the podcasts to about 30 minutes in length, making them easy to consume and listen to during your travel to and from work.

To kick things off we are joined by our special guest, Chuck Hollis (EMC Global Marketing CTO). Those of you who are an avid reader of leading IT blogs will no doubt be familiar with Chuck and his blog, where he writes many engaging and thought provoking posts around IT trends, new technologies and customer challenges. Chuck has some great insight into many of the IT challenges currently facing businesses, some of which he discusses with us along with the subject of the ‘Software Defined Data Center’.

We hope you can join us for the next Data Center Insiders podcast which will be recorded live from VMworld San Francisco where will no doubt be many exciting new announcements to cover and discuss.

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