#12 – EMC VSPEX BLUE with Chad Dunn

EMC VSPEX BLUEIn this episode I speak with Chad Dunn, EMC’s Senior Director of VSPEX, about VSPEX BLUE, how hyper-converged architectures fit into the IT industry, what differentiates EMC’s EVO:RAIL based hyper-converged product, and also go into more depth on VSPEX BLUE itself.


EMC VSPEX BLUE is a scale-out reference architecture based on EMC hardware and the VMware EVO:RAIL product.  VMware EVO:RAIL is a hyper-converged infrastructure product, that combines virtualized compute, storage and networking resources (including management), in to a single box, which is sold via a handful of VMware partners who install EVO:RAIL on their own branded hardware.  Put simply, VMware provide the hyper-converged software and their partners, EMC being one of them, install EVO:RAIL on their own hardware and wrap additional software and services around it.

Since the EVO:RAIL product that runs on top of the physical hardware is the same across all of the VMware partners, who are offering EVO:RAIL, there have to be ways in which each of the partners differentiate their offering from that of their competitors.

emc-vspex-blueEMC’s VSPEX BLUE does this through enhanced management into the underlying physical hardware (all from the EVO:RAIL management console), providing back and disaster recovery, along with tight integration with environment monitoring and “call home” functionality & support.  Not only that, EMC are also providing (all included in the cost) 10TB of Cloud based storage, for if and when  a business wants additional storage capacity.  Meaning you are not limited by the physical storage capacity in a single VSPEX BLUE appliance, though not that it is at all hard to add additional VSPEX BLUE appliances quickly and easily should needs arise.

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Managing converged infrastructures with Cloupia

During the recent VMworld 2012 event, Brian and I met with some of VMware’s eco-system partners.  One company that stood out was Cloupia, who offer an effective solution for managing tasks around orchestration, configuration and automation for converged infrastructure products such as EMC VSPEX and the VCE Vblock.  They also offer a rather nifty iPad based application that allows administrators to perform common management tasks from an easy to use iPad style interface.

The following are two videos we took with Cloupia co-founders, Raju and Bhaskar where we cover the topics of; what is the Cloupia product and how does Cloupia compliment and work in a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)..

This is certainly an exciting product, especially for those businesses running a converged infrastructure product(s) and worth a look, for more information on Cloupia click here.

Video #1:  Managing converged infrastructures with Cloupia


Video #2: Cloupia and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)