#11 – VMware EVO:RAIL with Mike Laverick

Mike Laverick Podcast VMWare EVO RAILVMware EVO:RAIL was announced by VMware at VMworld in San Francisco last year (2014).  This is a hyper-converged infrastructure product which means the components that typically make up a traditional IT infrastructure, such as server, storage and networking are consolidated down to a single physical appliance (albeit using a top-of-rack 10Gb switch for inter and external node connectivity).

There are currently nine vendors, including EMC, who have signed up to the EVO:RAIL programme, each of whom will be coming to market with their own hardware offering, on top of which the EVO:RAIL product runs.  Want to find out more?  Then definitely check out this podcast.


During this episode we cover the following key topics:

  • What is EVO:RAIL?
  • What is a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure?
  • How is EVO:RAIL easy to install, configure and manage?
  • What parts of the EVO:RAIL solution does VMware provide & which components/parts do EVO partners provide in the overall solution?
  • What are some of the differentiators between EVO partner’s offerings?  eg: is it just the hardware it runs on? Also, is there the ability for them to include additional functionality/value-add to the solution at the software layer?
  • Typical/planned EVO:RAIL use cases
  • How does EVO:RAIL differ from EVO:RACK?
  • How to find out more about EVO:RAIL

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EMC Products – Useful VMware Integration Guide

EMC and VMware Integration PointsWith virtualization technologies and products at the centre of most IT infrastructures these days it is more important than ever that there be a synergy and a decent level of integration between the hardware, software and underlying virtualization platform.  In many cases this isn’t something that has always been there though over time, and with the wide spread adoption of virtualization technologies from companies such as VMware and Microsoft, there has been an acknowledgement from vendors to the importance of providing tight integration between their and key virtualization products.

EMC is one such vendor who has been providing an increasing number of integration points into virtualization products, particularly VMware, for a number of years now.  To a point where it can be hard to keep track of these many integrations.  It isn’t unheard of for a company to be running an EMC product whilst being unaware that they could be benefitting from one or more of these EMC/VMware integrations.

Storage Vendor VMware Integration

To assist in making this easier EMC have made available a downloadable guide (in Adobe pdf format) that clearly outlines the many integration points between the various EMC and VMware products, along with highlighting the value and benefits that each provides.  This guide will prove to be particularly useful when assessing if there are any of these useful and time saving VMware and EMC storage integrations that you could be utilizing to make your day to day IT Professional life easier.

The EMC VMware pdf integration guide provides the following information on each integration:

    • Feature Product(s)
    • Integration
    • Mechanism
    • Integration Point
    • Description
    • Business Value
    • More Information

EMC Storage VMware Integration Guide

      From this list you can see that the guide is not solely targeted at a technical audience but also provides useful ‘Business Value’ information that could prove of use to IT decision makers.  All of EMC’s product portfolio (eg: storage, backup, security, etc) is included in this guide, so if it has a VMware integration then it has been included.  Here is a list of those EMC products – quite an extensive list!
  • AppSync
  • Avamar
  • Clariion
  • Celerra
  • DataDomain
  • DPA
  • Isilon
  • ItemPoint
  • Networker
  • RecoverPoint
  • RSA Aveksa
  • RSA SecurID
  • RSA Security Analytics
  • ViPR
  • VMAX
  • VNX/VNXe
  • XtremIO
      So if you’re running, or are thinking about running, an EMC product(s) in your VMware based infrastructure then definitely

download this informative integration guide

    and take a look. Kudos to James Walkenhorst and team for creating this guide, it will no doubt prove highly useful to EMC’ers, EMC partners and customers alike.

What is VMware Cloud Foundry?

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