#11 – VMware EVO:RAIL with Mike Laverick

Mike Laverick Podcast VMWare EVO RAILVMware EVO:RAIL was announced by VMware at VMworld in San Francisco last year (2014).  This is a hyper-converged infrastructure product which means the components that typically make up a traditional IT infrastructure, such as server, storage and networking are consolidated down to a single physical appliance (albeit using a top-of-rack 10Gb switch for inter and external node connectivity).

There are currently nine vendors, including EMC, who have signed up to the EVO:RAIL programme, each of whom will be coming to market with their own hardware offering, on top of which the EVO:RAIL product runs.  Want to find out more?  Then definitely check out this podcast.


During this episode we cover the following key topics:

  • What is EVO:RAIL?
  • What is a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure?
  • How is EVO:RAIL easy to install, configure and manage?
  • What parts of the EVO:RAIL solution does VMware provide & which components/parts do EVO partners provide in the overall solution?
  • What are some of the differentiators between EVO partner’s offerings?  eg: is it just the hardware it runs on? Also, is there the ability for them to include additional functionality/value-add to the solution at the software layer?
  • Typical/planned EVO:RAIL use cases
  • How does EVO:RAIL differ from EVO:RACK?
  • How to find out more about EVO:RAIL

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