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Datacenter Insiders is intended to provide members of the IT community with useful information and knowledge in the areas of enterprise IT including the ever so topical areas of Cloud Computing and Virtualization.  Along with general IT industry Emphasis will be placed on EMC and their partner’s products and solutions, as this is the space in which the Datacenter Insiders work in on a daily basis;

Datacenter Insiders - Simon Seagrave

Simon Seagrave: Simon has been working in the IT industry for the past 18 years, performing roles such as developer, systems administrator, technical architect and more recently, a vSpecialist. He is a member of the EMC Technical Marketing team and has worked for EMC since April 2010. Simon has been a VMware vExpert since 2009 and holds VMware VCP 3/4/5, Microsoft MSCE and HP Master ASE, ASP, ACE accreditations. He is passionate about virtualization and enterprise IT in general, which are both topics that he regularly writes about on his blog “TechHead” (http://techhead.co) & talks about as co-presenter on the vChat podcast.


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