#19 – EMC MyService360 with Dr Rex Martin

EMC MyService360

MyService360 is a solution that I can really see the value of, and is one that I wish I had access to when I was a Systems Administrator, due to the ease at which it consolidates highly useful service-centric data relating to EMC based appliances in your IT environment.

The following is a high level summary of the types of functionality and information it provides:

  • Health and Risk Scoring – Displays proactive and predictive system health indicators to identify areas that may be at risk, giving IT ample time to prioritize actions and react accordingly.
  • Code Level Analysis – Analyses the percentage of the global install base that is up to code, providing the ability to drill down into specific systems to determine what systems are due for code upgrades.
  • Actionable Service Insights – Allows EMC customers to review IT service activities across their enterprise with the ability to dive into specific sites to understand what needs attention and the type of action required.
  • Connectivity Status – Displays what percentage of the install base is remotely connected to EMC Customer Service so customers can take action to get remaining systems connected.
  • Incident Management – Taps into proactive data to identify analytical trends on service incidents.

As you can see from this list, it certainly goes a long way to simplifying the ability to access to service related data all from a single location.

Rex Martin

In episode 19 of the Data Center Insiders podcast I’m joined by  Dr Rex Martin, Chief Architect  of the Advanced Proactive Services division.  This is a slightly delayed podcast, it was originally recorded shortly after EMC World 2016, though the information and discussion is all still relevant and well worth a listen.

Finally, one of the main things worth noting is that MyService360 is FREE to all new and existing EMC customers registered with EMC Online Support services – more information here: https://support.emc.com/myservice360


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